Sake List


Sho Chiku Bai | Junmai
The most traditional style of sake. Pairs well with a wide virety of food

300ml  $12


Hou Hou Shu | Junmai Sparkling
Fruity and light categorize by floral and herbal
aromatic follow by hints of champagne and cherry.

300ml  $35

Hana Hou Hou Shu | Junmai Sparkling
HANA means flower and the rose version of the
original hou hou shu. Made by adding rose hints
and hibiscus to the sake mash. The sake is light
refreshing and flavorful.

300ml  $38


Hakutsuru Sayuri | Junmai Nigori 
Don’t let the price fool you. This is one of the best
sake you will find.

300ml  $25   750ml  $58

Hiko’s Milky | Junmai Nigori 
Milky sake burts with aromas of fresh coconut. It
shows the richness and natural beauty of rice itself.

300ml  $27

Moonstone Coconut Lemon Grass Nigori Ginjo
Crisp citrusy lemongrass contrasts with creamy
coconut in this dynamic nigori sake.  Tease your
palate with flavors of the tropics.  Rich and creamy.

750ml  $30

Tozai-Snow Maiden | Junmai Nigori 
Fairly thick, chewy, surprisingly dry with flavors of
fresh fruit and creamy rice.

300ml  $36   750ml  $58

Tozai-Voices in the Mist | Junmai Nigori 
Reminiscent of a tropical paradise. On the palate it has
a solid weight and flavors of pear.

750ml  $58


Ama no to-heaven’s Doors | Tokubetsi Junmai  
Slightly dry and medium-bodied. Nice fruity essences
in the recesses and gentle sweetness beneath. Clean and
focused finish.

750ml  $34

Chokaisan | Junmai Daiginjo
From the first sip this is the one that makes you fall
in love with Japanese sake. It’s balance is matchless,
it has a floral nose and hints of pears. It is semidry.

750ml  $111

Dassai “Otter Festival” 50 | Junmai Daiginjo  
Clean soft and very suttle, mild sweetness envelop the
sense making aside, many regard it as “perfect” sake.

300ml  $39

Drunken Whale | Junmai Daiginjo
Nose has a collection of rose, wood, and grape scents.
Quite dry with a hale and hearty palate that favors those
who like solid Junmai.  “For the serious sake drinker.”

300ml  $39

Fukucho-Moon on the Water | Junmai-Ginjo  
A rather fragrant sake. The fine lined flavor is as bold as
fragrant, with a soft edge fullness overall.

300ml  $34

Ginga Shizuku-Divine Droplets | Junmai Dai Ginjo
A prominent fragrance, clean, fresh taste, with
a flavor deep in recesses.

300ml $58

Hakutsuru Draft 
Being stored for one month at 41˚F  makes
its refined freshness and smooth taste.

180ml  $8   300ml  $12

Hakutsuru Excellent Junmai 
Well made, full bodied taste and melon reverberations.

720ml  $22

Hakutsuru Sho-une Premium | Junmai Daiginjo 
From the finest rice Yamada-Nishiki. It is characterized
by its smooth, medium-bodied taste and fruity aromas.

720ml  $62

Hana Lychee Sake 
Intense flavor of exotic fruit.  The lovely, lingering
finish continues the rich lychee taste.  A fine apéritif!

750ml  $30

Kanbara-Bride of the Fox | Junmai-Ginjo  
Intense aromas and flavors of grilled nuts, pistachio, and a
hint of warm cocoa.

300ml  $34

Moonstone Asian Pear Ginjo 
Freshly layered with pear aromas and flavors.
This sake has a subtle sweetness that balances it nicely.

750ml  $30

Moonstone Plum Ginjo 
Rich, ripe plum nectar heats your lips. The sweet plum
delight your pallet without the sugary sweetness of plum wine.

750ml  $30

Nanbu Bijin-Southern Beauty | Junmai-Ginjo 
An elegant flavor that is reminiscent of pears and
muscat grapes.

300ml  $34

Rihaku-Wandering Poet | Junmai Ginjo 
Brewed carefully and slowly at low temperature brings
out a sake with a well rounded flavor.

300ml  $36

Sato No Homare, Pride of the Village | Junmai Ginjo 
An elegant premium sake; light and fruity nose,
laced with violets and strawberries.

300ml  $48

Tozai-Living Jewel | Junmai 
A quiet complex sake, showing white grape, anise, and a hint of sweet rice.

300ml  $36   750ml  $58